Facetime for Android [MOD APK] Latest Version

facetime for android
facetime for android

So finally after lots of grinding and whimping and after many battles of apps Facetime remains the best and its still the best communication app among ios users even skype cant compete with this app as its one of its and everyone we see lots of peoples asking and looking around for this app available on android and i had it for a long time as i works still now and you’d get every official update from their server and every thing and every bit of features that is available on ios users it basically works as a fully functional android app.

We are actually here releasing the full version apk file and its been recoded just for you peoples so that you dont have any interruption while face-chatting and we’d ask you to install every update as it makes the software work much more stable and better to a higher level.


facetime screen
facetime for android


Here’s the Facetime for iOS Devices: https://www.apple.com/in/ios/facetime/

Facetime on Wiki (Read Before Using):  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FaceTime


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If you want to share this facetime for android on another device then make sure he get’s it from this website as we actually detect the device and send the suitable version to the phone and this app can work on any android devices available on the whole market as it can punch itself back to a old version of the android system and can also be a bit forwarded too just make sure your android Device has an Front facing camera that really works!

The only reason you dont really see a lot of apk files about these because we actually posted it up on here on our site a few days ago and most of the other websites leeches tools by a bot and we have an spam verification system on the download so that no other website can rib this tool from our site or can bind a virus and spread everywhere as this app is really a famous app and there have been more than 1000 times i heard peoples asking about facetime for android, and finally here it is and soon its gonna
be a paid version app only so get it while its available for free, Get the best and the fastest communication tool from the ios market to your android device and which works as a fully functional android app with official updates and ios features that you exactly see on the apple devices while using this app and so far thats been a great time using it and im sharing it here with you peoples so that you can also have a sneakpeak into the app which is dominating any face to face apps currently in the market and truly this tool is a masterpiece we really dont need to deny it.